About my guiding permit

Licensed Guide in Berlin
legal prerequisite for my work as a tour guide in Berlin is my official state permit to do so. This has to do with my Israeli nationality.

It's a little bit absurd, but German citizens do not require such a license at all - unlike many other European cities, in Berlin every citizen may guide and advertise himself a guide, even without having any formal qualifications. But since I'm not a German citizen, I had to apply for a special permit, put my qualifications to the test and prove that giving me a permit would make a contribution to the tourism industry in Berlin.

I applied for the permit in 2009. It took about half a year, but after some very thorough examinations, and based upon my academic background and professional experience, I eventually qualified and have been working since as a licensed guide.

I got the number "D39496612", and as you can imagine, it really made my mom proud...