One day, mostly Jewish sites - a model itinerary

Our day will include the important Jewish locations in both East and West Berlin. In between the Jewish locations we will also touch on other interesting aspects, but the tour will be dedicated to Jewish Berlin. The order isn't important and depends on our meeting point - typically your hotel. If you'll stay in the East (Mitte), we'll start there and will end at the West (or vice versa).

We will focus mainly on the Jewish quarter with its highlights, including:
  • The New Synagogue
  • The famous “Stumbling Stones” commemorating the victims at their former addresses
  • The Missing House
  • The "Block of Women"
  • The Jewish school
  • The Deserted Room
  • The old Jewish cemetery
  • The Hackesche Courtyards
  • Otto Weidt's workshop (the Berlin version of Oskar Schilder's factory)
...and many other places off the beaten track. We also recommend to include the central Holocaust memorial and the memorial for the Kindertransport that rescued nearly 10,000 children to England right before the war began.

In West-Berlin, we will visit Grunewald, the train station from which most Berlin Jewish were deported, as well as the Bavarian Quarter - Berlin's hidden gem that made Holocaust commemoration into an everyday educational experience for its residents.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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