How to pay

This page is meant for people who have received from us a personal invoice link to make their payment online - and don't know how to do it. Let us begin by pointing out that online payments are made with your computer/phone - there is no need to print the invoice (unless you want to, for your own use).

After you've made your booking with us, we will send you a personal link to your invoice. You should click on it and then you'll see something like this:

You can download the PDF, but in order to pay, the important button is the green one on the top right:

Click on the green "Pay Now" button and you'll get to the payment page asking you for your credit card details:

After you've typed in your details (the email address is important for the booking confirmation), click on the green "Pay Now" button below the form to complete your payment. The booking confirmation will then be sent to your email address within seconds.

If you're told at this point that your card was not honored, it is most likely because your purchase patterns don't include Germany, so your bank's automatic mechanism responds with "do not honor". In this case, you just need to contact your bank and ask them to allow you to make payments abroad.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, please let us know!
- Natalie and Yoav