Three days, mostly Jewish - a model itinerary

Dedicating three days to Jewish sites and sights means that we can go beyond our itinerary for two days of Jewish Berlin.

Our suggestions for the third day include:
  • The Train Wagon monument and the "Wall of Flames", Berlin’s first attempt to address the past artistically by using the Nazi deportation records
  • The Wall of Mirrors at the market square of Steglitz and the neighborhood’s still existing old synagogue building (no longer used as a synagogue)
  • The Jewish cemetery at Schönhauser Allee (where the impressionist painter Max Liebermann is buried)
  • The Jewish cemetery in Weissensee (Europe's largest still active Jewish cemetery with very interesting architecture)
  • The House of the Wannsee Conference (the guides are asked to do the guidance outside, before going in - but the place is very significant)
In a three-days itinerary, these locations don't have to be done specifically on the third day - we will shift things between the days so everything makes sense geographically. For more details, please contact us.

Jewish Guide in Berlin