Our Cold War Tour

We believe that the Cold War deserved a day of its own. What do we really know about everyday life behind the “Iron Curtain”, as Churchill put it? Let us take you on a journey into a totally different understanding of life, morality and happiness.

This in-depth tour make a really good “third day”, but it's also great as a second day (not so much though as a first day, because it's quite off the beaten track).

We'll visit unique and often odd places like these:
  • Bernauer Straße - the street that was torn apart and became the most known symbol of the German tragedy, but also the scene of some legendary escapes
  • Treptower Park – the largest Soviet war & victory memorial outside of the USSR, with which the empire left its mark on the city for all ages (more or less). It was designed by the Jewish architect Yakov Belopolsky.
  • Karl-Marx-Allee, formerly known as “Stalin’s avenue” - the showcase boulevard of German communism, now the longest architectural monument in Europe(!), where we'll visit an exhibition about everyday life in East-Berlin
  • The famous Ghost Stations underneath the city, an absurdity of Berlin’s divided subway system
  • An open-air reconstruction of the infamous “Death Strip”, where the communist soldiers shot their own countrymen
During the tour we'll discuss all those questions you've always wondered about:
  • Why was Germany divided - and, specifically, Berlin?
  • How did the Allies come up with the borders that inflicted so much pain on this city?
  • Was it really that bad...?
  • Why was there no wall before 1961?
  • And why was it erected specifically then?
  • Could it be that the West contributed a bit to the creation of the Berlin Wall?
  • How did the two parts of the same city coexist? How did families communicate?
  • And last, but definitely not least: Why and how, exactly, did the wall come down?
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Cold War Tour in Berlin