Jewish exhibitions in Berlin

There are several museums in Berlin that deal with Jewish history. Our list below provides the basic details, including whether private guides are allowed there or not (some places sell their own tours and don't allow anything else).
  • New Synagoge
    An overview of the former synagogue - its construction, practices, destruction and (very partial) reconstruction
    Private guides allowed
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - The New Synagogue

  • Jewish Museum
    In spite of its (misleading) title, it is actually not a Jewish museum but a German museum about Jews, specifically about the history of Jews in Germany
    Private guides allowed
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - The Jewish Museum

Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - Holocaust Memorial

  • Topography of Terror
    Located at the former “Reich Central Security Office”, or in plain English: the SS headquarter. Not a Jewish exhibition per se, but definitely relevant, as it includes a chapter about the Final Solution. It consists of two exhibitions, indoors and outdoors (in summer time).
    Private guides are not allowed indoors, but are allowed outdoors
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - Topography of Terror

  • Otto Weidt’s workshop for the blind
    A very unique and authentic location where a German entrepreneur was trying to keep his Jewish employees alive, hence typically a part of our Jewish tour
    Private guides allowed
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - Otto Weidt

  • Silent Heroes
    Focusing on the stories of other Germans that - like Otto Weidt - helped persecuted Jews, although the location has nothing to do with their stories (it is attached to the German Resistance Museum)
    Private Guides allowed
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - Silent Heroes

  • We Were Neighbors
    Usually a part of our Advanced Jewish Berlin tour, this exhibition tells the stories of persecuted Jews from Schöneberg, one of Berlin's districts.
    Private guides allowed
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - We Were Neighbors

  • House of the Wannsee Conference
    Often wrongly described as the place “where the decision on the Final Solution was made" (a common misconception), it is the location of the infamous Wannsee Conference, which took place on January 20th 1942 as a result of the work done at the “Reich Central Security Office", nowadays the Topography of Terror (see above).
    Private guides not allowed
Jewish Exhibitions in Berlin - Wannsee Conference

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