Two days, mostly Jewish - a model itinerary

Having two days for Jewish Berlin means that we can focus on Jewish locations in East-Berlin on one day and visit Jewish sites in West-Berlin on the other day.

Our day in the East will include an in-depth tour of the Jewish quarter, including:
  • The New Synagogue
  • The famous “Stumbling Stones” commemorating the victims at their former addresses
  • The Missing House
  • The Deserted Room
  • The Hackesche Courtyards
  • Otto Weidt's workshop (the Berlin version of Oskar Schilder)
  • Rosenstraße and the Block of Women
  • The old Jewish cemetery, where Moses Mendelssohn is buried
  • The active Jewish school - probably the most important Jewish institution in Berlin
  • The house of Regina Jonas, the world’s very first female rabbi
  • The former Jewish school for girls that was turned into an art center
  • The memorial for the no longer existing “Old Synagogue”
  • The memorial for Moses Mendelssohn at his former address
...and many other places off the beaten track. On the same day, we can also visit the central Holocaust memorial, the Book Burning Square as well as the memorial for the Kindertransport that rescued nearly 10,000 children to England right before the war began.

On our tour in West-Berlin we can visit...
  • Daniel Libeskind's famous Jewish Museum
  • The Empty Benches memorial for Kreuzberg's old synagogue, designed like the textual flow of a Talmud page
  • and Grunewald, the train station from which most Berlin Jewish were deported
On the same day in the West, we will also visit the Bavarian Quarter - Berlin's hidden gem that made Holocaust commemoration into an everyday educational experience for its residents. We will see:
  • “Places of Remembrance” – the famous street-signs memorial about the persecution of Jews in their everyday life
  • The memorial to the neighborhood’s former synagogue
  • Albert Einstein’s former address when he was awarded the Nobel prize (he lived there from 1917 to 1932)
  • The Brick Wall memorial project at the local elementary school
  • “We were neighbors” – family albums for Jewish families at the city hall of Schöneberg (which is also the original location of John. F. Kennedy’s speech in 1963) (closed on Fridays)
If you want, we can adapt this model itinerary to include what's important to you, like family addresses or graves. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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