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History is not just about what's true. Our past is made of endless events that truly happened, but that does not make them history.

For the historian, just like for the tourist, the important question is: What is important?

This is what guides us as guides.

Contemporary Berlin Architecture

Shalom and Willkommen! We are Yoav and Noa (Natalie) Sapir, professional history guides in Berlin. If you want to know more about our backgrounds, take a look here. On our website, you'll find information not just about our tours, but also about planning your time in Berlin, with useful ideas for your vacation, as well as some articles for those we have the time and desire to read ahead of (or after) their visit.

As history guides, we wish to help you to unravel the Berlin complex. During the 20th century, this city has witnessed seven totally different political systems, making it an explosive set of contradictions: Monarchy, anarchy, democracy, dictatorship and foreign occupation, capitalism and communism all colliding in one city. Today, as the Western Europe's most eastern city Eastern Europe's most western city, it is packed with juxtapositions and contradictions.

On top of all that, there's Jewish Berlin. Our main focus lies on Berlin's Jewish history - perhaps we should say “Berlin's Jewish histories", in the plural, as there were many of them. But as you know, that richness of spirit and intellect was violently destroyed by the Nazis. To a great extent, therefore, the Jewish story of Berlin has to do with the Holocaust. There is actually no other city in the world that offers more Holocaust memorials than Berlin, making it a part of the city’s everyday life. We would be honored to take you on a meaningful journey, unfolding these stories with you: Our history tours are not just about seeing the sights, but also about understanding them. We are quite flexible and try to find on every tour the right balance for our guests between quantity (how much we see) and quality (how deep we go).

For your convenience, we created an Itinerary Advisor that will help you get your bearings and prioritize the options. We can tailor the itineraries to suit your personal needs and interests. In case you're coming with a cruise ship and have only one day in Berlin, we also provide all the relevant information about shore excursions to Berlin.

We'd be happy to help you in your planning, so you could make the most out of your time in our fascinating city: You can find information about Kosher food in Berlin and about Berlin's synagogues as well as many other ideas for your stay in Berlin.

Guiding tours in Berlin is our profession, but not just. To us, professionalism means having a certain philosophy behind what you're doing and knowing what you're doing it for. You can read about our guiding philosophy here.

Last but not least, you'll also find here concise answers to frequently asked questions about our tours.

Jewish Tours of Berlin

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're happy to assist!