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German law requires us to publish here a postal address, though not necessarily our private address. Because of Yoav's public profile in Germany, and after having received some antisemitic phone calls, we cannot take the risk of exposing our private residence. Therefore, we hereby declare that anyone, specifically foes, can reach us via normal mail by addressing their hate letters, bombs etc. to Yoav and Natalie Sapir, c/o Patzek, Bütervenn 62d, 33758 Schloß Holte. Friends can contact us directly.

German law also requires us to put a disclaimer saying that we are not responsible for the contents of external links, which we hereby do. This sounds funny, we know, but German law isn't funny. Trust us on that (we could actually get sued if we wouldn't put this here). So there it is. We hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about it, feel free to write us an e-mail.

Our company's tax number is DE311838339.

Our credit card acceptance contract requires us to publish here a privacy policy (what personal information we will ask you about and how it will be used): We will need the information required for the tour to take place - your name, your hotel, your phone number and the time for us to meet. We will not share it with anybody.

Our credit card acceptance contract also requires us to publish a return and refund policy for payments with credit cards: Since we don't sell physical goods, there are no returns/refunds. However, we reserve the right to provide refunds in case of cancellation on an individual basis and at our discretion according to the specifics of each situation.

Our liability is limited to the contract value (i.e. what you paid us).

Finally, for all legal matters, our place of jurisdiction is Berlin.