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We've gathered here information on topics we're often asked about, to help you plan your visit better:

It's impossible to cover the many hotels in Berlin but this should provide some orientation.

Incomparable to Paris or London, our Kosher scene is still quite limited.

Go ahead, we won't tell anybody...

Special events that you might want to take into consideration when planning your visit.

Not everybody has the time for thick, heavy books - but you don't want to miss these films.

Not necessary because of Berlin's public transportation, but definitely helpful when coming with lots of luggage.

Addresses, graves, etc.

If you come for a week or more, it's a good idea to go beyond Berlin itself.

The Internet is such a great invention, so why not discover more about Berlin without leaving your home.

Which synagogues are worth visiting, why, when & how.

Why it is usually unnecessary to have a car.

Tourists need to arrange this in advance, here you'll see how this can be done.

Just like with the hotels, it's impossible to cover everything, but here you'll find some personal recommendations for those who don't really keep kosher.

If you're into this kind of food, you'll find every single one of these places listed here.

Planning your evenings made easy.

There much more to do than taking our tours :)

Berlin at Night

All of these pages were created in response to the needs of our guests - if the topic you're interested in is missing, just let me know!