The day academia died

After having spent in total roughly two decades at academia, we used to take some pride in our continuous pursuit to keep offering our guests an academic level (it's just an offer, not a necessity, and in any case there's a wide spectrum for fine-tuning). Though our academic credentials aren't much, it seems the day has come to let go of them.

Today is December 5th 2023 and we aren't writing this easily, but several hours after having seen these testimonies and contemplated - what do we see?

(the whole hearing)

If this is what almost 8 decades of post-war education amount to, then honestly, it was all in vain.

Don't get us wrong - academia didn't die today. It died on October Seven. But it's taken us 60 days to figure it out.

These are indeed very saddening times. On so many levels. As if reality itself is just too much. As if we were forced to "take the red pill". And no end in sight. But we can't just shut our eyes and pretend.

Not this time.

Update 2024

Yes, we keep guiding groups from US universities. Yes, even Harvard, as it happens. After all, it's not their students' fault.