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We understand your situation - planning your visit to a relatively unknown destination can be very confusing. So many options to consider... We are in the same position every time we travel to a new city. But we're here to offer first aid!

With our Itinerary Advisor, we'd like to help you prioritize and to give you a starting point. Based on that, we can fine-tune the itineraries to match your personal requirements.

Our experience has taught us that the two most important factors in designing our tours are the topics you'd like to focus on and the number of tours you'd like to have. Our Itinerary Advisor takes both factors into consideration and will provide you with a solid foundation for further adjustments. You can also make your own combinations - we'll be happy to advise.

The model itineraries assume an average tour length of about five to six hours, but we're very flexible and can do longer or shorter tours, as you prefer. They're conceived as walking tours (with or without public transportation), because that's what most people choose. We also do tours with a car, but that requires a different approach (here are some ideas for tours with a car).

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By the way, this section is not meant for people coming on a cruise ship for a shore excursion.