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Berlin was the capital of no less than seven different, sometimes even rival political systems: The principality of Brandenburg, the kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the "Third Reich", German Socialism as well as contemporary reunified Germany. The last five periods took place within a single century - the twentieth, in which West Berlin remained, for two generations, occupied territory. Each of these periods, each political system, left its mark on the city, in different places, architecture and art. This makes Berlin a paradise for urban adventurers. As one of our guests – an architect – put it: “Berlin is like a shattered mirror. Although all its pieces lie on the same ground, next to each other, each piece shows a different picture.”

In order to help you understand this complicated city in an easy and comfortable way, we offer tours on various topics. The tours we have designed are built according to the interests and fitness of most visitors, but our planning is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your special requests. Most tours have a historical focus that combines the liveliness of contemporary Berlin with the fascinating and important background of the same places in the city’s past. Our tours may be done by car, using public transportation or by foot. We can choose together what way suits you best, according to the specific route and your preferences.

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Whether as single travelers, couples, families or larger groups - each tour is personally designed to suit your interests and timetable.