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Except for the usual combination of walking and public transportation, our tours can also be done with a vehicle and a professional driver. Typically it's a van, but we can also organize a limousine or a bus depending on your requirements.

We would like to mention first that there is, usually, no real need for a vehicle. It is natural for tours done with a vehicle to become less deep than walking tours: While driving from one location to the next, it's hard to pay attention to everything on the way. However, depending on your age, your physical condition and the season/weather, having a vehicle and a chauffeur at your disposal can be useful and recommendable.

In case you choose to have a vehicle and chauffeur, there is no need to design the tour while focusing on a specific geographical area. Therefore, having a vehicle suits well tours that combine various boroughs and topics. If you would like to cover as much as possible on one day, then having a vehicle with a chauffeur is indeed the best way.

We could do, for example, an extensive tour of about six hours, which incorporates all important topics that make our city so fascinating. In such a tour, we will visit all central locations in East and West Berlin, including:

♦ The Parliament & Government District

♦ The famous Kurfürstendamm avenue

♦ Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church – West Berlin’s most known icon

♦ Museum Island

♦ The royal avenue “Unter den Linden”

♦ Gendarmenmarkt with Berlin’s twin churches

♦ Karl Marx avenue with its Stalinist architecture

♦ Alexanderplatz

♦ The Presidential Palace

♦ Potsdamer Platz and its architecture

♦ The "Siegessäule" - Berlin's victory column

♦ And many other sites along the way.

In addition, we will also make stops at the central sites:

♦ Brandenburg Gate

♦ Paris Square

♦ The Wall (the famous "East Side Gallery")

♦ The Holocaust memorial

♦ Checkpoint Charlie

♦ The Reichstag

♦ The last original communist watchtower still standing in the city center

♦ The Book Burning square (with the memorial of the empty library)

♦ The location of Hitler’s bunker

♦ The “New Synagogue”

♦ The Stumbling Stones

This all-in-one itinerary can be made longer or shorter – we can remove or add locations depending on how long the tour should be and how much you’d like us to cover.

We could also have a different itinerary focusing on a particular topic (e. g. Jewish heritage or Cold War locations). If our tour should focus just on Jewish history, we could cover various sites in both East and West Berlin. There are many Jewish Heritage sites in the city and our selection depends on your preferences as well as on the tour’s length. Our options include:

♦ The “Block of Women” memorial

♦ The Book Burning square with its memorial

♦ The Holocaust memorial

♦ The “New Synagogue”

♦ The Stumbling Stones

♦ Otto Weidt’s workshop for the blind

♦ The “Deserted Room”

♦ The Empty Benches memorial

♦ The memorial for the “Kindertransport”

♦ The “Missing House”

♦ The Bavarian quarter

♦ The Train Wagon memorial in Moabit

♦ The Wall of Mirrors memorial in Steglitz

♦ The train station in Grunewald

♦ Jewish cemeteries (the old one and/or the one at Weißensee)

♦ The House of the Wannsee Conference

♦ The Jewish Museum

Please contact us for more details. You can tell us how long the tour should be and we’ll tailor the tour to your specification.

Holocaust Memorials in Berlin