Other relevant websites about Berlin

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There are lots of websites about Berlin in general and tourism in Berlin in particular. Most of them are naturally in German, but quite a few are in English. We're happy to share with you several websites and blogs we personally enjoy reading, including some that we found helpful when we first came to Berlin:

  • Ex-Berliner: Berlin's English-language magazine


  • Berlin on a Platter: Luisa's restaurant critique blog


  • The Needle: Joseph is a cultural historian with some very interesting insights on contemporary life and events in Berlin


  • Berlineur: Probably the best Berlin photoblog around (at least in my eyes)


  • The Weekend Kitchen: Yasmina comes from Indonesia, lives in Berlin and writes about food and identity


  • Afar: "The experimental travel guide"


  • i ♥ Berlin: Just about everything, made by young English-speaking Berliners for the young at heart


  • Stil in Berlin: "Stil" is the German word for Style, which is basically what this blog is about


If you know any other recommendable websites suitable for English speakers, feel free to email us about them so we could add them to this list.