Contact details

We would be happy to advise you personally. Please tell the basic details required for planning our tour: The specific date(s) you prefer, the time for us to begin the tour, its desired length and the location of your hotel or apartment. If you'd like the tour to be done with a chauffeur, please let us know and we will make the arrangements. If you know in advance that you'd like to focus on specific topics or locations, please tell us about your interests, so we may design a tailor-made tour to meet your expectations.

You can contact us in the following ways:

For observant people: If you write us before Shabbat but wouldn't like us to reply during the Shabbat, please mention that in your mail. We will then wait until Shabbat ends in Berlin.

  • By phone, when calling from outside of Germany:

+49-178-1962147 (Yoav)

+49-175-4103616 (Natalie)

  • Please note the time differences: Berlin is, for example, six hours ahead of New York (i.e. when it's 1 pm in New York, it's 7 pm in Berlin and usually a good time to call). Berlin is also 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles (i.e. 10 am in LA = 7 pm in Berlin), but 9 hours behind Melbourne (i.e. 11 pm in Melbourne = 2 pm in Berlin). To find out what time it is in Berlin now, please click here: Local time in Berlin.

  • ...when calling from Germany, the numbers are:

0178-1962147 (Yoav)

0175-4103616 (Natalie)

  • And for smartphone users: We also have Whatsapp, and are registered in this service with our German numbers (see above, starting with +49).

Click on the button below to send us message on Whatsapp:

We'd be happy to hear from you – see you in Berlin!