Never Again Is Now (?)

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With all due respect to virtue-signaling by leaders of opportunist politicians in the so-called West, allow us to raise the following question:

What is the meaning of "Never Again Is Now"? Why did Ten Seven bring about an international slogan - and unfortunately, hardly more than a slogan - relating it so directly and deeply to the previous Holocaust, the German vision of a "Final Solution"?

To keep it short and concise: Ten Seven put an end to decades of manifold theories about the exonym "Palestine".

Starting with the Roman province "Syria Palaestina" in antiquity, via the League-of-Nations mandating the British empire to establish a Jewish national homeland in "Palestine - Erez Israel", and up to the reincarnation of this Western colonial term in the "Palestine Liberation Organization" - endless books about what this term could or should mean in theory became obsolete on Ten Seven. 

For a day - and in some kibbutzim, up to five days - the "Palestinians" were truly independent. "Hamas", the "Palestinian Islamic Jihad", the "Palestine Liberation Organization" as well as lesser known groups were, at last, liberated. Individuals, from the "deplorables" to the educated yet just-as-deplorable journalists, physicians, engineers, UNRWA "employees" etc., were free to turn their various and theoretically opposing visions into an undeniable reality. 

Theorizing on what "Palestine" could or should mean after Ten Seven is as fruitful as theorizing in hindsight on the potential meanings of National-Socialism. We now know, unfortunately all too well, what it means in practice. Ten Seven is "Palestine".

So although there is no P in Arabic, Ten Seven made it evident that "Palestine" is indeed Arab, at least inasmuch as the "Final Solution" is - in any language - undeniably German. Hence "Never Again Is Now".

If not for our own sake, then at least for our children's and grandchildren's - let us make sure it doesn't remain just a slogan.